We are passionate about food, we are passionate about Japan. Most of all we are passionate about street food. We love the buzz of Japanese streets and the tasty food you can find in very corner. We love the freedom and no fuss attitude that comes with eating street food. With our new MIO Yatai, we bring you just that, simple, tasty & healthy Japanese Street Food! When we were creating our menu we wanted to create enough variety without complicating things, making sure that our offering is not only for every pocket but also is remarkably tasty!

Like the food, MIO space had to be especial and in sync with our food concept and ethos. We have created an unapologetically vibrant and fun space, with an eclectic mixture of notes and colours inspired by those buzzing Japanese streets to make your experience at MIO Yatai go beyond your tastebuds! Come and visit us, we are now open! We would love to welcome and look after you at MIO Yatai, and don’t worry we will make sure to respect your own space in these streets whilst you taste our delicious food!

mio yatai welcome
Mio Yatai Japanese Restaurant broadway market
Mio Yatai Japanese Restaurant london
Mio Yatai Japanese Restaurant