About Us

We love food and we love Japan. Most importantly, we love street food. We enjoy the vibrancy of Japanese streets and the delicious food available at every corner.

We enjoy the spontaneity and spontaneous spirit that comes with eating street food. We provide you easy, flavourful, and healthful Japanese street food with our new MIO Yatai!


MIO Yatai offers a refreshing contemporary Japanese food. With a sophisticated twist from a traditional Japanese Ramen, Sushi and Izakaya.

MIO dining experience will make you want to come back for more. Each visit to MIO Yatai will be different to your last, as the vision of our chef and menu evolves.
MIO Yatai represents true izakaya-style dining.

Izakayas are an institution in Japan and represent the perfect blend of restaurant and bar, where eating and drinking play equal roles in the dining experience.


Both table service and takeout are available. When available, walk-ins are allowed. At the front of the restaurant, we provide Al-Fresco dining in our heated outside space next to Regent’s Canal and Broadway Market.

Send us an email if you need further information, or give us a call on 020 7739 2540

Mio Yatai Outside




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