When we were developing our menu, we wanted to ensure that there was enough variety without overcomplicating things, and that our offering was not just affordable but also delicious!

Like the food, MIO space had to be especial and in sync with our food concept and ethos. We have created an unapologetically vibrant and fun space, with an eclectic mixture of notes and colours inspired by those buzzing Japanese streets to make your experience at MIO Yatai go beyond your taste buds!


MIO Yatai offers a refreshing contemporary Japanese food. With a sophisticated twist from a traditional Japanese Ramen, Sushi and Izakaya.

MIO dining experience will make you want to come back for more. Each visit to MIO Yatai will be different to your last, as the vision of our chef and menu evolves.
MIO Yatai represents true izakaya-style dining.

Izakayas are an institution in Japan and represent the perfect blend of restaurant and bar, where eating and drinking play equal roles in the dining experience.




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